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We Build Dynamic Funnel-Based Business Solutions 
That Bring Automation & Ease Into Your Businesses Sales Process
Direct Response Marketing, Content Strategy & Organic Presence

You Have To Stand Out In Today's Market.. Create Curiosity & Provide Value To A Targeted Audience As An Industry Leader

Strategic Story Space & Innovative Informative Content Will Separate You From Your Competitor Through Emotional Connection

64% Of Small Businesses Are Failing Or At A Break-Even Point

We Wanted To Help Small Businesses Re-Connect To The Market

Most 'Foot Traffic' Has Lessened & More People Shop Online

Here Is Where Most Businesses Go Wrong... They Simply Set Up A Website Or Create Some Form Of Social Presence

People Value Through Price Commodity Which Drive Margin Down

This Is What Motivates Shinobi Marketing To Offer Story Space Marketing In An Organic Way... 

You See, Many People Use Content 'Feeds' Like FB, Insta, Etc.. 

However, Running A Successful Organic Presence 
Doesn't Happen On 'Feeds'

.. So We Use YouTube, which Is More Of A 'Library' That Continues To Live And Grow With Your Business

Chris Brown, CEO

Chief Executive Officer,
Shinobi Marketing

Chris Seiss, CSO

Chief Sales Officer,
Shinobi Marketing

Ann Connolly, CMO

Chief Marketing Officer,
Shinobi Marketing

Tammy Bauer, CSM

Customer Success Manager,
Shinobi Marketing
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